Do you know what is cashmere eyelash extensions?

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 Cashmere eyelash extensions. What are Cashmere eyelash extensions, you may ask? Cashmere eyelash extensions are also synthetic eyelash extensions with a different shape for its base. Unlike the usual and normal eyelash extensions that have a round base, cashmere eyelash extensions have a flat base, this is why other terms coined for them are flat eyelash extensions, and/or ellipse eyelash extensions. Due to their flat concave shape cashmere eyelash extensions would tend to hug the natural lash from side to side resulting in having a stronger grip and longer retention. Their shape also creates that thicker and darker dramatic look on the lash line without adding additional weight to it. Cashmere eyelash extensions are commonly used for classic sets, they are not intended for full volume sets but may be an addition to volume lash sets.