The scientific use skills of grafting eyelash glue

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The effect and durability of eyelash grafting is inseparable from the glue, because everyone's skin is different, and the results will be different due to objective factors such as absorption, weather, and environment. For example, during rainy days or summer periods when indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity are high, the surface of the glue dries faster than the inside. When the glue does not dry well, the glue will appear white on the newly grafted eyelashes. What should I do?

First, let’s understand why the glue will appear white.
·The special glue for eyelashes condenses from a liquid to a solid. If it encounters water vapor, a white substance will be produced, which will adhere to the glued part of the eyelashes and be visible to the naked eye.
·I did not perform proper pre-treatment during grafting or touched it with fingers after pre-treatment.
·Glue removal cream, cleaning fluid, etc. remain on the eyelashes.
·Customers sweat or shed tears and other secretions during the grafting process (during the grafting process, advise customers to close their eyes 100% during the grafting process, and be sure to wait until the grafting is completed and the small fan blows for 3-5 minutes before the glue is completely dry. Eyes open).
·After the grafting is completed, the glue is not completely dried, or the surface of the glue is completely dry, and the inside may not be completely dry.
·Washing your face, bathing, swimming, etc. within a few hours after grafting, the water is stuck.

What should I do if the glue appears white?
·Before grafting, thoroughly clean and blow dry the eyes of customers.
·Appropriate amount of glue should be used during grafting (special attention should be paid when grafting with strong adhesive glue).
· Dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer after the grafting is completed (especially in the rainy season and summer).
·Do not touch it with your hands after grafting. This is to prevent the glue from whitening due to moisture on your hands.
·Do not let any moisture stick to the eyelashes within 8 hours after grafting.

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