Matters needing attention-special glue for eyelash extension

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1.Store the glue in a dry and ventilated place to avoid excessive or too low temperature to change the composition of the glue, affecting the quality and life of the glue.
2.Before using glue, please use the foam cleanser to clean the customer's own eyelashes carefully, and remove the grease and dust to effectively extend the time of grafting the eyelashes.
3.Before using the glue, shake the glue at 45 degrees for 3-5 minutes to avoid glue’s moisture layer, thick or too thin.
4.Open the bottle mouth with a professional needle (the glue is filled with low-temperature nitrogen filling, carefully spilled when open it)
5.When the glue is opened for using, please use it in a short time to avoid contact between the glue and the air, and the texture will dry out, which will affect the using of the glue.
6.Do not touch water during the grafting process. Do not touch water and heat within 4 hours after grafting and avoid bathing within 24 hours.
7.Please use professional and safe remover to remove the grafted eyelashes, avoiding unsafe remover  components to cause swelling of the customer's eyes.

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