Precautions after eyelash grafting

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1. Avoid contact with water within 5 hours after grafting, including makeup, face washing, bathing, avoid high temperature exercise within 24 hours, sauna / hot yoga, etc.
2. Avoid rubbing your eyes 360 degrees, pay attention to the gentle gestures when washing your face, dry the wet eyelashes in time, and air dry with a small comb or fan in time
3. Morning and evening combing with a small comb is also an important point to maintain the shape and durability of the eyelashes.        
4. Eyelashes have the same metabolism as hair, so it is normal to drop 2-3 hairs a day.
5. Avoid pressing and rubbing your eyelashes while sleeping. The eyelashes on the side sleeping surface will fall faster. Please pay attention as much as possible.
6. When the eyelashes fall off in the late stage of the eyelashes, do not pull the eyelashes with your hands to avoid the original eyelashes being also torn off

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